September 18, 2021

10 proven ways to prepare for an examination

Examination: a test to prove or defend what you have learnt, a test of intelligence. Examination every student’s mood swing moments,it is not uncommon/unusual to see the physical or even emotional fear of students towards examinations. 

  Generally, its being observed that,the fear or phobia students have is not just all about the questions placed before them, but the exam period itself. 

Here are 10 proven ways to overcome fears and prepare for an examination:

  • Start with a plan: you either plan to fail or succeed. Planning is a basic step to take in making progress. Therefore, you ought to set up a study plan. This would keep you focused and disciplined to meet up with your set goals.
  • Start studying: here is the real deal, the reason for your plan. Follow up ur study plan and take action by studying. You have no excuse for that, just start studying. 
  • Start Grading: yes, Grade yourself on all subjects/courses you study for. No one wants to fail a course, and the need of grading oneself makes you more optimistic about succeeding in an examination. 

We listed our 1st-3rd tips on START this shows how important it’s in making progress, let’s continue….

  • Go external: you go external by either joining a study group or involving yourself in tutorials. This gives u vast knowledge and more experience on treating technical questions effectively. 
  • Make notes for revision: having a self note separate from what you use at class, would be very helpful in revising for exams. 
  • Be anxiety free: take breaks and learn to always stay calm. Examination is never a killing task. Doing all this, makes you free from anxiety, and thereby, ensure you rate better ahead for the exams. 
  • Try to be practical: to be practical, is to practice. You become practical when you can formally defend all what you have read, without looking at the text and also, attempting past questions on the subject/course. 
  • Don’t deprive yourself of good: yes, don’t at all deprive yourself of good. Ensure you sleep rightly, eat rightly and do things rightly. This would make you be at extreme peace ahead of your exams. 
  • Remember your gradings: days to your exam, put at mind what you graded yourself on such course, and write accordingly. 
  • Prepare adequately for the D-Day: before the examination day make sure all your writing materials are intact and in perfect condition. And on getting to the exam hall, feel relaxed not panicked. 
  • Do this: Welcome your questions, say a prayer or two, calm your nerves and write excellently, just as you graded. 
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Bonus tip: Allocate time to answer each question so that you don’t end up spending all the time trying to answer a question.

The above are not just ways to prepare for an exam, but Proven Ways! Try them out and smile richly,  in and out of your exam hall.

By Nwokedimkpa Chidera



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